How to Wrap Your Earbuds [So They Don’t Get Tangled]

We’ve all been there…

You get in the car, reach into your pocket, and feel around for your favorite pair of earbuds. You sigh and sink into your chair with anticipation of the perfect ride home, DJ’d by none other than the best DJ you know (yourself). Then you see it, the fraying cable dangling from the mother of all knots. Your heart sinks as you realize that by the time you get home you’ll still be untangling this mess.

Well no more!

Here’s a foolproof way to keep those Headphones happy and those Earbuds free!



“But Kaden,” you say, “You don’t understand. These tangles wont be saved by a little curling trick.”

Well my friend, then it sounds like you’ll be needing the heavy duty earbud winding method. For ultimate headphone satisfaction, with a built in quick release mechanism, just watch the next video.

But be warned! Once you start using this method, you might never go back to stuffing those buds in your pocket ever again!



And just in case you’re as nerdy as I am and want to know why your headphones do this… Every… Single… Time…  Just head on over to PNAS and read this study by the University of Chicago about the science behind tangled cables.

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